POW! Bigga' Than Life, 6D(?!!) Magnetic Lashes... CRAZY-LONG, SEXY & Beautiful. Plus, EASY to Apply. Oh Yeah... And Safe!!

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Who Needs 3-D??? These Babies Are 6-FREEKIN-D!! People Are Gonna Need Those Special Glasses To Behold Your Amazingness. 😉

Are the eyelashes you're wearing too "fake" looking? Magnetic False Eyelashes with their luxurious length and volume, can definitely bring you the most natural look ever! What's more? They're RE-USABLE!!!!!!!!! Try the best-selling, safest, most SEXY, BOLD, DRAMATIC & PROVOCATIVE lash, and be in the spotlight at all times!!!

Can be applied instantly without CLUMSY GLUE.

Light like a Feather - no one (not even yourself!) knows you're wearing the Lash!

Newly launched magnetic technology ensures your Lash at its ideal place.

Secure to be used every day, & the patented magnets will do no harm to your skin or natural eyelashes.

...Nuff' said. :)